Children – The symbol of time



Ever wondered why the toddlers are loved so much? Why we feel so attached to them? Why we fell comfortable in spending hours and hours in laying beside them? And why they are easily able to influence us?

Well it turns out they symbolise humanity’s most important asset, TIME. And though everybody might not recognise time as their most important asset but deep in our sub-conscious this fact is firmly rooted. Due to this on seeing children, an alarm goes of in our heads and we realise the humungous time, opportunity and advantage they have over us. Finally when all this superiority is mixed with the humble way they behave (obviously they don’t know whats happening) we are seduced to share our warmth with them. They possess the power to become our shooting stars.

All this leaves no doubt that such incidents can trigger world wide mourning


True said Gandhi

If we wish to teach REAL PEACE  in this world and start a WAR against WAR then we need to start with the CHILDREN.

Now if you ask why their time seems to be so important, well its because people will never stop believing that they can get more out of something. You might have achieved great things  in your life, but you will always consider the possibility that something better could have been done, something truthful, something peaceful something that could have influenced people around you to make better choices . Finally looking at children shows you all that possibility. This is what moves the human race forward. The belief in the limitless.

Lets start investing at a higher scale in our asset that was, is, and will be our greatest one and sweep away any threats to it. Children are constantly shaping the future and we all get a piece of it.

Best wishes



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