This idea can change your life


Hey guys

Just a few days before I saw a movie called “Fight club”. Oh man this movie is changing my life. Seriously I fell much more powerful and independent than before. It is all mainly because I applied the technique showed in the movie.

It starts up with a guy named Dave who is pissed of with his job, his attitude, simply he is pissed with all the usual life processes occurring near him. Soon he makes a friend named Tyler. Now Tyler is the coolest guy he has ever met. They become friends. Dave finds tyler as an outlet to express his feelings. They soon indulge in unsocial criminal activities. They also start a club called “fight club”. Hundreds of people join their club and they together form a type of army commanded by Dave and Tyler.

Well the main part of the movie comes in the end when Dave realises that Tyler is no one more than a picture of his own imagination whom only he sees.

This is exactly what we learn from the movie. All of us picture ourselves in the mind about the type of person we wish to become in future. But this guy was so obsessed that he brought down tyler from his imagination into the physical world. We can also bring the Tyler of our dreams (obviously the good one) in this world and make him our best friend. This will demand a huge faith and commitment which we will be investing in our imaginary friend who is always sitting beside us and is full of positivity. I can already see my Tyler smiling at me.

you should also see the movie. To check it out on amazonĀ click here

Best wishes




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